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After a Long Silence

Posted on October 27, 2015 by Admin under Photography trips - overseas travel
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Time flies, and websites are neglected when work and family call.
A poor excuse for failing to update the site; and the blog; but it’s all I have.
It has, however, been a photographically busy few months, in fits and starts, and the fruits of all that activity have finally started to see the light of website day
Indonesia will appear in more detail sometime soon. Suffice to say, a fascinating country, a great trip, and the right choice of equipment for the journey.


Komodo Dragon

Wild Camping

Already appeared as a new Gallery, some coastal shots from this year so far, which range from the near to home in Scotland, all the way to the volcanic shores of Tenerife – not our typical holiday destination, but a marvellously varied coastline and conditions.

In between, some great local sunsets, the Aurora Borealis putting in an appearance over west-central Scotland, and even a volcano or two. Enjoy!

Loch Lomond AuroraEl Teide

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