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Bavaria Reveals its Winter Charms

Posted on November 24, 2013 by Admin under Photography trips - overseas travel
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Work often leads to travel, in the case of the past few days to Bavaria for a (very good) meeting on science-related matters. The location is designed to keep a group of physicians from wandering off and ensure that they stay for all of the sessions, so it’s a good 2 hour trip from Munich, up in the Alpine foothills of Garmisch-Partenkirchen (a municipality currently well known in Germany for having a populace that voted against hosting the Winter Olympics, apparently as a protest against corruption). The same meeting was here two years ago, but had unrelenting snow for the entire time, and limited opportunities for photography: this time around, the weather was kind and the lunch-break generous, offering some stunning views across Eibsee and the surrounding area. Some of these will appear at some stage officially. A couple of small tasters in the meantime:

Cloud Lifts, Eibsee Winterlight

By the next morning, the fog and snow had returned and reduced visibility to a few tens of metres. It doubtless improved my concentration on the real business of the day, and saved my neck from craning sideways to check the ever-changing light on the mountains. With luck, we’ll be back here again in 2015.

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