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A Late Late Update

Posted on December 23, 2014 by Admin under Photography trips - overseas travel
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It’s a bit alarming to think “I must upload some of my recent pictures to the website” and then discover that a whole year has gone by since the last substantial bit of tweaking – perhaps not unconnected with the rather feeble number of website visitors…

The trouble with working in the real world is the limited amount of time available to focus on more “hobby” interests, like the photography, and certainly a limited amount of time to devote to writing about it. And imagining that anyone outside these four walls would be remotely interested in a blog. Or within them, for that matter.

So – to some pictures. A lot of my available time has been in short gasps and therefore forced me to stay close to home. Thus some more recent pictures in and around Glasgow, the city and its immediate environs. This is no bad thing as there is plenty photogenic, and I’ve had to discover some interesting nooks and crannies that may be revisited in the future. The work-related travel has included a short stay in the Danish city of Aarhus, which has a fabulous gallery of modern art (the ARoS Kunstmuseum – which has a lot of architectural overlap with its spiral-loving predecessor, New York’s Guggenheim. The initial results from this trip are to be found lurking on the flickr page ( and some of the better ones will in due course make their way here, but a couple of nice starting points are these:

Curves Within Curves

Inside the Rainbow

Some more notable expeditions include a trip to New York city in an unseasonably warm October break, and a particularly fine jaunt to the Trossachs one mist-laden but sunny, late Autumn morning, with a fabulous and unexpected view of Loch Ard forest bathed in the sort of light that one can usually only dream of.

Bracken Beams

Hopefully the coming weeks might offer a bit more opportunity to get out and about as winter weather takes hold. But for now, Happy Christmas to all and I should take the opportunity to put in a wish for a good New Year as well. Maybe also one for 2016, just to be on the safe side.



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