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Posted on July 28, 2015 by Admin under Camera gear, Photography trips - overseas travel
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It’s the time of year when schools are on holiday and family travels once again lead us away to far-off places: this year, with my other half’s ongoing quest to seek out the more interesting and quirky corners of the globe, it has brought us to Indonesia (specifically, kayaking around the islands of the Komodo National Park).
So photo opportunities included a wide range of landscapes, people, and wildlife (the Dragons in particular being the type of wildlife that one wishes to keep at the far end of long zoom). All of which presented some photographic cogitation, since the many nice things about my Nikon D800 kit definitely do not include portability. So I turned once again to the dependable Olympus E-M5, supplemented with a couple of new lenses (well, travel is a good excuse), and the whole kit (including filters and spare batteries) packing into a bag around 4x6x9 inches, which would probably struggle to hold even the D800 body.
And over the next few days, flights permitting, the fruits of this partnership will gradually appear on various media: every lens was used, as we paddled across the sea, camped out on uninhabited islands, stopped off in villages, towns, cities, Balinese temples, and the camera was called into action for every subject imaginable. Hopefully some worthwhile shots to share, but full marks for portability and flexibility.

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