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Dipping a toe in the digital water…

Posted on October 15, 2013 by Admin under Uncategorized
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This is a first foray into blogging: something that I expect not to be a regular activity, but you never know…

Taking photographs is a sideline, albeit a rather obsessive sideline, and the opportunities are constrained by the requirements of the day job. On the other hand, work does occasionally take me to interesting corners of the country and the world, and the camera is a travelling companion¬† to record something of my journeys. At other times, it’s squeezing a quick trip to the coast or the hills around work and family life.

So there is a great deal of “I’ll come back here another time”; and “the best that I could do with the light on the day” about much of my work. I hope you enjoy. And I may post some other comments as time goes by, probably to accompany some trips. Egypt is next on the plans, with Iceland next year. Scotland is all year round.


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